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This site arose from a list made by a brother to help his sister with her thinking on what her two teenage boys needed to know.  As the list was shared with others it grew and a common comment was that it ought to be shared more widely. So here we are sharing it worldwidewebly.

It’s not a big thing.  It’s run by one man from his study with a circle of friends and family who have made contributions.  We don’t have a mission.  We just think it might be useful.  We certainly don’t think any of us knows it all.  We’ve all struggled with how much and what to teach our kids.  So we want you to add your own pearls of wisdom.

Have we missed out whole subject areas?  Have we missed out important points of information?  Are there valuable sources – websites, books, film, other media – that you think we should include?  We’d love you to submit content.  Please e-mail stuff to us at content@lifeskillsforkids.co.uk.   Or you can contact us with general queries on info@lifeskillsforkids.co.uk

Now for the disclaimers:  we can’t guarantee to use any material sent in and we reserve the right to edit any material submitted; if you ask to be credited with any content we use we will do so (otherwise we assume you would rather be anonymous); we will try to respond to all correspondence but it depends on the volumes that we receive.