It’s very important for happiness that you have a job you enjoy.  You tend to enjoy things that you’re good at.  So try things out – you won’t find out what you’re good at unless you test or experiment.  Jobs can require a wide range of skills – and everyone is good at something - numeracy, manual dexterity, spacial awareness, any school subject, cooking, people skills, self-presentation, gift of the gab, tenacity, self-starting, singing, kicking a ball…… the list of possibilities is endless.

It’s nice but not vital that you have a job that pays well.  Apart from the money a good job improves your mating prospects – at least it does for men.  Having any job, rather than being on benefits or simply dossing, improves your prospects a lot, having a high paying job improves them a little more.

How do you find a job?  Newspaper adverts.  On-line.  Write to employers.  Qualifications help in getting a good job.  Some are job specific – you can’t be an electrician or an accountant without the appropriate qualifications.  Others are general skills – school or further education exams in particular.   Pay attention to personal grooming.  Any employer will prefer a well turned out candidate.

In order to succeed in a job and to enjoy it just concentrate on doing it well.  Think about what the job is for and how it can be done better.  Try to make your bosses’ lives easier and you’ll find that everything becomes better and more rewarding.

What about being self-employed?  It suits some people well to be their own boss.  It takes some self-discipline and it’s a little riskier but can also be more rewarding.  If you think you’d like to give it a try then do – you don’t want to get to 50 wishing you’d had the nerve.