DIY and Maintenance

There are things a kid should know and things a kid should be able to do.

He or she should know:-

  • Roughly how the central heating works
  • How the plumbing works
  • How the electricity works
  • How an immersion heater works
  • How the damp-proof course, the roof and gutters weatherproof the house
  • How to get the car serviced (and how to check the tyres, water and oil)
  • How to get a key cut.

He or she should be able to:-

  • Mend a fuse/reset a contact breaker/change the fuse in a plug
  • Put up a shelf
  • Put up a picture
  • Erect flat pack furniture
  • Paint walls and woodwork (is wallpapering too advanced?)
  • Change a light bulb
  • Climb a ladder
  • Clear out the gutters
  • Unblock a drain
  • Turn off the water coming into the house
  • Mow the lawn, clip the hedge, weed a flowerbed
  • Grow simple vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes would do)
  • Change a broken window pane