Being Happy

Trying scrupulously to keep facts and opinion separate we’ll find that facts are pretty scarce where happiness is concerned while opinions abound.  However let’s start with a few facts or self-evident truths:-

  • Roughly 20% of women and 15% of men are, at any one time, experiencing some kind of neurotic disorder, mainly anxiety and/or depression.  Obviously, the proportion of people who experience these at any time in their lives is much higher
  • Happiness is not simply the absence of unhappiness but clearly you cannot achieve happiness if suffering from depression or any external causes of unhappiness
  • Contentment is one form of happiness – a general sense of well-being, that things are generally OK
  • Then joy, elation, fulfillment are the highs that most of us would recognize as happiness

Look here - - for some stuff to make you think.  And now we’ll just launch straight into opinion.  It can never be as simple as following a set of instructions, so you need to take advice from a variety of sources and people, but here’s a list - click on any of these to get started:-